How to play Slots

A Video slot is basically an online version of the Fruit Machine you would find down your local pub. The majority of the casino bonuses on offer require the player to play a slot. The edge is always with the casino but with the help of the Bonus Evolution Simulator we can reduce their edge.

This is pretty much the standard layout of an online slot.

It usually has five reels (columns) and three rows, each reel displays three symbols at a time.

For a spin to be a winning spin, you usually need three symbols (sometimes it’s two) from left to right to follow on of the win lines. Slot machines have ‘Wild’ symbols that will substitute any of the symbols on the reels.


Lines is the amount of paylines (winning pathways) that you are betting on. This example has a maximum of 20 lines, use the plus and minus to change the amount of lines required (usually this is left at the maximum amount).


This is the coin value that you will spend per line on the slot. If you set this to 1p and have the lines set to 20, you would spend 20p per spin in total. You can use the plus and minus buttons to increase/decrease this amount.

Total Bet

Total bet is the total amount you will spend per spin of the slot machine. This is the value of Lines multiplied by Bet/Line. This is your opportunity to double check you have set everything correctly. If the total bet value isn’t what you are expecting, adjust the Lines and/or the Bet/Line accordingly. Make sure you check this before playing, costly mistakes can be made here. You don’t want your Bet/Line set to £1 by mistake, that would result in a spin one hundred times more than you wanted!


This is the area where any winning amount will be displayed.


Clicking this button will start the reels. Slots have different types of Spin/Start button.

Bonus Rounds

Most slots have bonus features, entry to these features is usually through landing at least three special symbols on the reels. Bonus rounds can normally result is much bigger payouts than a standard spin.


Autoplay  is a function on a slot machine that automatically spins the reels for you. Simply enter how many spins you would like to complete and click start. Some autoplays require you to enter the maximum about of money you are willing to lose during autoplay and also give you the option to stop the autoplay automatically if you hit a large win.