Bankroll Management

It is important to understand that these casino offers are HIGH RISK and there is a chance that you will lose your deposit when attempting an offer.

It is vitally important that you manage your bankroll with extreme care and attention. The last thing you would want to happen is to wipe out your bankroll within a couple of offers.

With that in mind you will notice that the guides don’t always suggest that you accept the full bonus that is available. The deposit amounts within the guides are suggested amounts but they can be changed to reflect your own circumstances. You can then use the simulator to update the EV.

At Bonus Evolution we recommend the following bankroll management:

BUST CHANCE % Max % of bankroll to risk £1000 Bankroll £2000 Bankroll
<50% 3% £30 £60
50% – 70% 2% £20 £40
>70% 1% £10 £20

The Bonus Evolution system works over attempting as many offers as possible, with that in mind it is best practise to keep any winnings in your bankroll. This will allow you to invest more into each offer as you bankroll grows.

Along your journey you will probably encounter a period of losses but the maths tell us to continue. Maintaining your bankroll is the key to making sure that you are able to turn the losses around by being able to keep undertaking offers. Eventually you will hit a win that gets your EV back on track.