Double check the Terms and Conditions

The Terms & Conditions of an offer must be checked before accepting an offer. The guides take into consideration the terms at the time of writing and will be updated as soon as any changes have been reported. It is your responsibility to check the terms.

Type of Bonus

First you need to determine what type of bonus you are being offered (Cashable, Sticky, Free spins etc)

Wagering Requirements

Check the Wagering requirements, is it the deposit & bonus that need to be wagered or just the bonus? Getting this wrong when using the simulator could provide you with false results.

Amount to Deposit

For the bonus to be credited you may have to deposit a certain amount. Make sure this amount is within your bankroll management.

When do I get the bonus?

Not all bonuses are credited instantly, make sure you check when the bonus will be credited.

Min/Max Bet size

Are there any restrictions on the bet size. Some offers have a limit on how much you can stake per bet, failure to adhere to these terms can result in funds being confiscated. Never bet more than the maximum stated in the Terms.

Game weightings

Not all games contribute 100% towards the wagering requirement. Usually Roulette & Blackjack contribute much less than slots. If you were to use game with lesser rating this then increases the wagering requirement. This needs to be taken into consideration when calculating the value of the offer.

E.g. Roulette contributes 20% towards wagering. This would mean you would have to wager FIVE times more than you would using a 100% weighted game.

Restricted Games

Sometimes slots with a high RTP will be excluded. It is important that you check the terms for any game restrictions as any game play on them will not contribute to the wagering requirement.
These exclusions lists can change frequently and you must check before starting an offer.

Max Winnings

Some Casinos restrict the amount you can withdraw from completing an offer. This needs to be factored in when calculating the EV. The simulator has the facility to enter maximum winnings.

What is the risk?

Check the bust rate on the simulator. The higher the bust rate the more likely you are to lose your cash. Can you bank take that risk?

Should I accept the offer?

Once you have checked the Terms and entered all the information into the simulator, you need to ask yourself is this offer worth the risk, time and effort to complete? Even with a positive EV the cash per hour might be really low and make it not worthwhile.