Here are some of the questions that are frequently asked about the Bonus Evolution website. You should find answers to your questions within this page, but if not, feel free to contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help with your enquiries.

Are casino offers for me?

That’s a completely personal decision. Casino offers are not for everyone. There isn’t any guarantee that they will instantly earn you thousands of pounds and they are definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme. Having said that, they are an excellent way to make an extra income. There is an expected value of just over £300 from completing the low-risk sign up guides alone. The casinos also frequently offer reload offers which can be just as lucrative on a monthly basis. These offers take minimal effort and could take as little as three to four hours per week to complete.

What risks are involved with casino offers?

Some casino offers come with absolutely no risk (such as free spins) and others come with the risk of losing the total amount you have deposited into a casino. The guides are clearly labelled as Low, Medium or High Risk. The higher the risk, the more likely you are to lose your cash deposit. The Bonus Evolution Simulator will provide you with all the information you need to make the decision whether a casino offer can be profitable. The simulator will give a percentage chance of losing your cash deposit (Bust Rate). The calculations are based on making profits over time, one offer you may lose and the next you may win. As you start to complete more offers, you will start to understand that the mathematics are on your side. Adding all your wins and losses to the profit tracker is a great way to visualise your progress. In general, casino offers are not risk free but by following the guides and using the simulator, over time you should start to see your bank grow.

How much money do I need to make a start?

Managing your money is one of the most important aspects of Bonus Evolution. Ideally a bank of £1000 would be an excellent starting point but you can get started with as little as £100. This would give you the chance to build your bank up by starting with the offers that require smaller deposits. Reinvesting your profits will mean you can eventually take on the bigger offers as well as taking on more offers simultaneously. The Bankroll Management section of the account explains this in more detail.

Do I have to deposit the amount suggested in the guides?

The simple answer is no! Read the Bankroll Management section within the Important Info.

What is the strategy involved?

The nature of casino offers means they are not risk free. This means that it is vitally important to understand that you will make losses on some offers. These losses may last for several offers but eventually you should hit a win on an offer that will put you into profit. Having losing streaks can make you question the viability of casino offers and be extremely frustrating. Unfortunately, this is the way that Casino offers are and we can not expect to win every time we take a bonus. Trusting the EV (expected value) of an offer is necessary. If the EV is positive, then taking on the offer is the correct thing to do. Even if you do not make the EV on this offer or your next ten offers, eventually your EV and profit will even out in the long run. Bonus Evolution is trying to eliminate the gambling element of casino bonuses. If you have a long losing streak, DO NOT chase your losses by trying to gamble your way into profit. If you find yourself chasing losses, then that is the time to stop and evaluate whether this is right for you. Casino offers require a high level of discipline. We are working with a mathematical edge – sticking to the strategy should see your profits average out over time.

What is variance?

Variance – the fact or quality of being different, divergent, or inconsistent.
Every offer listed on Bonus Evolution will have a positive EV (expected value). This is an amount we can ‘expect’ to make from an offer. Sometimes, expectation does not match reality. If an offer has an EV of £10, you will not make &10 every time you complete the offer. You might win £50 on one occasion, maybe lose £10 on another, win £10 on the next and so on. If you were to complete the same offer one thousand times, you can expect the variance to balance out. You should make £10,000 overall,
which is an average of £10 per attempt.
Ultimately, variance has a huge role to play. Along the way, you will make losses. You may have a long streak where it appears that the variance is against you! If the offer is positive EV and you keep taking bonuses, eventually, the Variance will be on your side and take you into profit.

What is a winnings cap?

Some bonuses have a maximum amount that you cash out. This is known as a winnings cap. An example of this is you receive a £20 bonus with a winnings cap of £100. When you complete any wagering requirements, if you have won more than the £100 winnings cap, anything above £100 will disappear from your balance.

What is a risk free offer?

Any offer where you do not have to deposit or spend any cash can be classed as risk free. Risk free offers could be a casino giving you a bonus just for signing up. This is usually in the form of free spins or bonus credit. Usually, these type of offers come with large wagering requirements or a maximum amount you can cash out (winnings cap). Another risk free bonus is when a casino drops free spins or a bonus credit into your account. These offers are a good way to test your appetite for casino offers, especially as there is nothing to lose and you may well win!

What is a low risk offer?

A Low Risk (bust rate less than 50%) offer usually refers to an offer where you have to wager your deposit once to release a bonus. Once you have wagered your deposit, the bonus is credited to your account. Now the casino will use the bonus balance (or Free Spins) before eating into your real cash. With these offers there is a chance that you might lose some of your deposit in order to release the bonus. It is extremely unlikely that you will lose the whole deposit. If the casino is new to you, it is recommended that you complete these offers before the Medium and High Risk offers.

What games can be played at online casinos?

Casinos offer a wide range of games. The games that Bonus Evolution focuses on are the traditional table games such as Roulette and Blackjack (both video and live versions) and Video Slot machines. It is important to remember that these games can be addictive and are designed in a way to keep you entertained. Video slots maybe branded up with your favourite movie and TV characters, always remember that we are here to make the most of the bonuses available and we are not here to play the slots for any fun element.

How do I track my wagering?

Keeping track of how much wagering you have completed is vital to maximising your profit, wagering too much of real funds could result in less profit!
Some sites have a wagering trackers within their ‘My Account’ sections which makes it very easy but some don’t and you will have to manually keep track yourself. Simply divide the wagering requirement by the value of each spin to work out how many spins you need to complete. It is very easy to lose track of how many spins you have done, a trusty pen and paper can help keep track. Another way is to use the autoplay function that most slots have, simply set the autoplay to the amount of spins you need to play and let it play the game for you. Sometimes you will have to set the autoplay several times as there will be a maximum amount of spins it will complete. Be careful though, if you hit a bonus round some autoplay will automatically stop, it is good practise to pay attention to the spin counter. This way you will have some idea of how many spins you have completed.

How do I track my profit?

Premium members have access to the Bonus Evolution Profit Tracker. If you are following a guide, simply click the log profit button, the EV will automatically be populated, so simply add the actual profit made and add any notes you think maybe relevant. You can manually add profit from offers you have found yourself directly on the Profit Tracker page.

What is turbo mode?

Turbo mode, as the name suggests, gives you the ability to play games much faster. This means you can work your way through the wagering requirements much more quickly. Turbo play activation can be found in the game settings or more often as a button on the actual slot. This feature is not available on all games.

What is autoplay?

Autoplay is a function on a slot machine that automatically spins the reels for you. Simply enter how many spins you would like to complete and click start. Some autoplays require you to enter the maximum amount of money you are willing to lose during autoplay and also give you the option to stop the autoplay automatically if you hit a large win.

Is the EV of an offer guaranteed profit?

It is very important to understand that EV means Expected Value, this is not a guaranteed amount of profit that will be made on a specific offer. EV is a value, that over time you should expect to make.

What is game weighting?

Casinos are much more likely to profit from a customer using the slot machines than they are from a customer playing Blackjack or Roulette. They have the edge in all games but more so with the slots.
For that reason, they have a game weighting table for wagering purposes of a bonus. Sometimes they even make table games ineligible for an offer but most of the time they reduce the percentage contribution table games make to wagering. The terms & conditions will sometimes state that Blackjack has a 10% game weighting, that means for every £100 spent only £10 will go towards the wagering requirement. Game weighting can have a massive impact on EV, make sure you check for any game weightings before starting an offer.

What are Free Spins?

Sometimes Casinos will give you some free spins. You might have to deposit to receive them or the casino may simply give you some no strings attached. If you have to deposit or spend money to receive them, it is important that you check the terms to see how much those spins are actually worth. Free spins values vary from offer to offer, each spin could be worth 9p but they could also be worth much more. The casino sometimes attach wagering requirements to the free spins, all this information needs to be considered to see if an offer worth doing. Fortunately it is just a simple case of entering the information into the Bonus Evolution Simulator.

What is Spin Size?

Spin size is the total cost per spin of a slot machine. Slot machines have multiple lines (most common are the 20 line slots) and various stake sizes. Sometimes the stake refers to the amount you are playing per line, for example a 20 line slot using 10p stake per line would actually be a total bet of £2.

What does Min Stake/Max Lines mean?

Min stake/Max Lines means selecting the lowest coin value on a slot alongside selecting the maximum about of lines that can be played on one spin. Using this method will reduce the variance and minimise losses. This method is more suited to offers where you have a smaller wagering requirement. If you had £5000 of wagering to complete and used 20p spins, that would be 25,000 spins! That would take an exceptionally long time to complete.

What is a Penny Burner?

Sometimes you need to clear the balance of a bonus to remove the bonus from the account. On occasions the bonus balance is less than the cost of a total spin e.g. you have a 3p balance but the total spin cost is a minimum of 20p, meaning you are stuck and cannot spend the bonus. Slots like Rainbow Riches allow you to reduce the amount of payplines you play. For this example you would reduce the amount of lies to three and set the stake per line to 1p, spin the reels and the bonus is cleared.

What is Expected Value?

Expected Value is the average value you can expect to be returned to you as a player if you were to undertake an offer over an infinite amount of time. You will see expected value referred to as ‘EV’ and sometimes called ‘Expected Return’. To make casino bonuses a profitable proposition the EV must be a positive figure.

What is RTP?

RTP means Return to Player. This basically is a percentage of all money staked that overtime will be paid back to players. E.G. a slot machine that has a 90% RTP will pay back £90 for every £100 staked. This is calculated over the lifetime of the slot machine so it the way it pays back the 90% can vary. This does not mean that for every £100 wagered you are guaranteed to receive £90 back!

What is House Edge?

House Edge is the reverse of RTP.
100 – RTP = House Edge
E.G. If a slot has a 90% RTP the house edge will be 10%.

What is classed as a low variance slot?

Slots that have lots of small and regular payouts.
What is classed as a medium variance slot?
Not many wins during regular play but the payouts on more unlikely events can be higher.
What is classed as a high variance slot?
Not many wins during regular play but when a bonus round is triggered it will usually result in a big win.

How can i make money after the sign up offers?

Casinos have ongoing offers, we call these ‘Reloads’. Some offers will be available to all casino customers and others can be invite only (usually an email with an offer specifically aimed at you).

What is account verification?

On occasion, Casinos will ask you to prove your identity. This is a standard process and shouldn’t be anything to worry about. The items they usually ask for are:
* Scan/Picture of a valid Passport
* Scan/picture of a valid Driving Licence
* Scan/picture of a utility bill (No older than 3 months)
* Scan/picture of the front and back of card used to deposit
Its advisable to have copies of these available to speed up the verification process.

What is an RNG?

A Random Number Generator is a computer program that uses mathematical algorithms to generate a sequence of random numbers. The RNG is the backbone of an online slot, it hides beneath the graphics. The result of the spin is already determined once the ‘spin’ button is pressed, the pretty pictures are just there to keep you entertained.

What is a medium risk offer?

We categorise each offer according to the bust rate that the simulator calculates. Any offer with a bust rate between 50 and 70% is classed a Medium Risk offer. We Recommend you use the Bankroll management table to decide how much of your bank to commit to each offer.

What is a high risk offer?

We categorise each offer according to the bust rate that the simulator calculates. Any offer with a bust rate higher than 70% is classed a High Risk offer. We Recommend you use the Bankroll management table to decide how much of your bank to commit to each offer.